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Tracy Fleischman, MSN, RN, ANP-BC

After 30+ years working western medicine, in the acute care setting, I realized that prescriptions are not always the answer, and everything I was taught as a nurse practitioner needed to be re-evaluated. My hospital experience included working in the ICU, cardiology, ambulatory surgery, telemetry unit, and the emergency department through this recent pandemic. Over the years, experience opened my eyes to the use of vitamins and supplementation for improved clinical outcomes. Further schooling taught me that everybody has bio-individuality, and each person’s health challenges are unique and require different holistic health solutions.
Julia Phillips, BS at Energetic Interventions

Julia Phillips, BS

Julia comes to the practice with business management experience and a strong desire to help others with holistic care. With an entrepreneurial father she helped build his business from the ground up at a young age, giving her first hand business and life experience. Over the past 10 years she has managed multiple top-rated restaurants and a holistic office. Her affinity for holistic health and business background gives her a well-rounded approach to assist in the growth of Energetic Interventions, as our business manager.  Julia’s schooling in Veterinary Science gives her the knowledge to help with our beloved fur patients. Having 3 dogs of her own she is aware of the challenges of petcare, knows the veterinary model of medical care for animals, and has experience utilizing a variety of holistic approaches to help them.

More about Julia
Julia came to Tracy originally as a Nutrition Response Testing patient, their friendship grew as they shared a love for God and holistic healthcare. Tracy and Julia decided they wanted to offer the community a place for true healing that not only focuses on the body, but addresses the mind and spirit. Julia brought the business knowledge and Tracy brought the healthcare experience to the table. Together they formulated a business plan starting in January 2023 and were able to open the doors at our current location on March 14, 2023. Julia and Tracy continue to grow the business daily offering the WNY community a place for healing that covers the whole person; mind, body, and soul.

Julia’s passion for holistic healthcare has her researching many avenues of holistic medicine trying to learn how to treat the cause. The more she learned, the more she was motivated to start her training to become a practitioner herself. Julia will be getting trained in the various modalities of holistic healthcare we utilize in our office. In the meantime, her background has served our patients well, she is able to answer all sorts of questions while interacting with them.  Most recently, Julia became a first time mom. Since she is all about the research, she was able to navigate her entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery utilizing a holistic approach. Her research on holistic child rearing will be valuable and solid advice to many women in the same situation. She brings her new baby to our practice and utilizes all our services to tackle the hurdles of a new baby and a postpartum body. Her life experiences are helping to further her knowledge to be able to offer pregnancy, labor/deliver, postpartum, and baby care information and advice to our Energetic Intervention families. 

Julia’s experience, education, and passion for healthy living provides us at Energetic Interventions a business manager that is caring, involved, and committed to the overall health of the community we serve. She is our business manager, but will be a Practitioner in training to offer NRT™,  MBSR™, and IMAET sessions. Julia is a partner in your Holistic Healthcare journey.

Katie Wolcott-Tobias, MSN, RN, CHHP, BCNP

Katie Wolcott-Tobias, MSN, RN, CHHP, BCNP

Katie has 20 plus years serving in the healthcare industry as a Registered Nurse working in pediatrics, care management, long term care, emergency, med-surg, hospice, and chronic dialysis as well as in nursing administration and nursing education.  Katie attained a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (2003) and her Master’s of Science in Nursing Education (2015) from Roberts Wesleyan University in Rochester, NY.  She has attained her Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (2023) from Trinity School of Natural Health and became a Board Certified Naturopathic Practitioner in 2024 via a three part exam and meeting the professional and educational requirements to be recognized as an expert in the field of naturopathy.  Katie took the time during the pandemic to take a step back from the allopathic world to focus on her family and holistic health education.  During this time Katie and her family grew their farm and their farm to table lifestyle along with learning to heal from nature, lifestyle changes, whole food supplements, homeopathy, and frequency healing.

Katie will be joining us at Energetic Interventions assisting with our IMAET biofeedback sessions, and she brings her education and experience to your visits so you will have an efficient experience resulting in optimal outcomes.

Stacey M. Cirillo of Energetic Interventions

Stacey M. Cirillo

As a former environmental scientist who worked in the field of land restoration, I experienced first- hand the devastating effects industry has on our ecosystem. This experience planted a seed that would ultimately lead to my path into herbalism. What my former education did not teach, but personal experience has, is how profoundly connected we are to nature. By helping our environment to thrive, we are helping ourselves to heal. The use of plants and herbs have been documented over thousands of years in sustaining and improving health across every culture. They have amazing and unique properties that restore the body back to balance. The body itself is a self-healing organism. Symptoms are a language that should not be suppressed. Every individual is unique and there is not a one size fits all approach to health. It is my focus as a practicing herbalist, to use the amazing power of herbs to provoke the self-healing power of nature that is innate to the human body.

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