By removing stressors and adding missing nutrients I can help the body function optimally. 

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing is a completely natural and non-invasive system for identifying underlying problems in a person or pet’s health. We use your body’s natural reflexes to determine what should be done with your nutrition.

How does it work?

The testing itself is very simple. We apply pressure to your organ’s with a light touch and your body responds with a weak or strong reflex. With this base response given by your body we are able to determine what your body wants more or less of.

Will Nutrition Response Testing work for you?

In our experience Nutrition Response Testing is the one thing that works when nothing else does. We do from time to time come across cases that cannot be helped, but usually everyone can benefit from better nutrition through Nutrition Response Testing.


This technique is completely non-invasive. There are no needles, bloodwork, pinpricks, or anything damaging. The entire process is done with a gentle touch and light pressure on your arm and acupressure points.

All Natural

There are no surgeries or artificial drugs. Everything that we do revolves around using food and herbs that come from nature. Proper Designed Clinical Nutrition is the most natural way to heal your body.


Nutrition Response Testing is incredibly accurate. Your body will not lie when it is signaling a stressor or showing that it needs a specific nutrient.


Nutrition Response Testing is efficient. Once your program has been designed and your nutrition has been corrected your body will start healing at rates you may have never experienced before.

Completely Safe

There is no technique that is safer than Nutrition Response Testing. At the very worst you will eat wholesome nutritious foods and all natural supplements. At the very best, you will regain control over your health and heal, naturally.


Nothing else works better to determine what your body needs and what your body wants you to avoid. Our testing reads your body’s natural reflexes. These reflexes help us determine how your nervous system reacts to different foods and substances.

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